Published: 16 April 2018 by: Kate Webster

There's more to see in Hong Kong than just the city

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Hong Kong was all about skyscrapers and busy streets, but there's also plenty to impress nature-lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Want to see it for yourselves? Add these sensational new guided green tours to your must-do list.

To immerse yourselves in Hong Kong's amazing history, book the eight-hour Lai Chi Wo Hiking Tour (approx. AUD$170 per person, including lunch). Taking you to the ancient village of Lai Chi (once the most affluent in the Northwestern New Territories) and its scenic woodlands, the tour will also lead you to mangroves filled with Coastal Heritiera and the White-flower Derris. As you follow the coastline, you'll also come across spectacular red-hued landscapes, created by 400 million years of rock oxidation. 

Sai Kung – sourced via

For a real National Geographic experience, join the eight-hour Geopark Hiking Tour (approx. AUD$170 per person, including lunch). Sai Kung's long and sinuous coastline provides the setting for this adventurous tour, and features marvellous landforms and rock formations formed by volcanic activity. The guided tour takes you through hexagonal columnar joints, a natural tombolo at Sharp Island and an inland water dam wall at High Island Resovoir. 

More interested in hitting the water? On a three-hour Geopark Boat Tour (approx. AUD$166 per person) explore Sai Kai's coastline and Hong Kong's outlying islands, and see extraordinary scenery along the way. Also, learn about the region's rich geo-diversity, which includes sea stacks, tuber rock columns, sea caves, High Island's rare acidic hexagonal volcanic rock columns and Sharp Island's rhyolite formations. 

To find out more about these wonderful tours or to book, visit the Discover Hong Kong website here.

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