Published: 25 October 2017 by: The H4C Team

Louvre from Jardin de Tuileries – Dennis Dolkens, dreamstime

So what’s the most elegant city in the world? According to a recent study it’s – drum roll, please – Paris! Quelle surprise. Number two is London, with Vienna, Venice and Florence rounding out a not-very-astonishing top five, given that they’re all synonymous with breathtaking cityscapes, fascinating culture and luxury fashion houses.

Conducted by online fashion store, Zalando, the study consulted more than 5,000 fashion and architecture experts who looked at 400 places and ranked them according to factors such as a thriving fashion scene, culturally and historically significant architecture and each city’s desirability for visitors. The top 80 form the Elegant Cities Ranking.

And the most elegant city in the southern hemisphere? Auckland, at number 36. Australia’s top entry, Sydney, came in at number 44, soundly beating Melbourne, at 55. Sigh. Cue the next round of the always compelling and ever-so-slightly ridiculous, ‘Sydney vs Melbourne – which is better?’.

To see the full list, visit the Zalando website here.

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