Published: 04 August 2016 by: Emily Russ

Garden caretaker Nellie makes banana leaf bag to keep produce fresh

Forget 'paddock to plate', this dining experience is a whole lot more exotic and enticing. Boutique Vanuatu retreat Moyyan House by the Sea is now offering travellers the unique chance to taste the freshest of homegrown produce, whilst supporting the local community. Respecting the traditional lifestyle of the land, dining 'jungle to plate' means enjoying the very best that Vanuatu has to offer – great food, amazing scenery and beautiful people. 

The retreat's own gardens and freshwater prawn farm provide plenty of quality seafood and vegetables, while an exciting trek to the nearby villages will have travellers in foodie heaven. A great way to see the island's natural beauty, the experience includes walks through the virgin jungle where garden caretakers and children help gather delicious fruit, vegetables and seafood. Guests will also love sharing fresh-from-the-vine watermelon and learning about the island's culture before diving into the nearby Natawa River's cold waters for a refreshing swim.

Sample the very best seafood at Moyyan House by the Sea

Back at Moyyan, guests will discover the true flavours of Vanuatu when they share a meal featuring their collected ingredients. Foodies will be amazed by the tender Santo beef grown on the island, as well as the fresh poulet fish delivered directly from the boat and the coconuts grown on nearby plantations. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, 'jungle to plate' dining is something guests will never forget.

Located on romantic Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Moyyan is proud to help guests to enjoy the real Vanuatu and to make their stay truly memorable. To make a booking or find out more, visit the website here

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