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Top Tips For Arriving At Your Destination Happy, Healthy and Hyrdrated!

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Holidaying is all about taking time out of our hectic lives to relax, revive and enjoy life! The last thing you want to do is jeopardise your well-being in the process. Travelling can take a toll on your health so it’s important to be prepared. Here at Holidays for Couples, we’ve made a short list of essential travel tips with the help of one of Australia’s leading travel doctors, Dr Natalie Gray, that you need to consider when jet setting!

1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration can occur as a result of several factors when travelling. Air travel alone is a common cause due to the low humidity in aircraft cabins. Lack of access to clean drinking water can also be an issue and you may just be too busy and forget to hydrate. To minimise dehydration, Dr Gray suggests drinking two to three glasses of water plus a dose of oral rehydration solution such as Hydralyte. Hydralyte comes in handy tablets that easily fit in a handbag or a powder pack. This will ensure you keep hydrated and avoid feeling ill.

2. Look after your eyes

One of the most uncomfortable health issues to have while travelling is dry, scratchy eyes because the irritation can cause lack of sleep. The perfect solution is Murine Eye Mist, which is specially formulated to gently moisturise and refresh dry and tired eyes. It aims to reduce moisture loss by stabilising the natural tear film when you spray it on your closed eyelids. It’s perfect to give immediate relief and is an easy option for those who don’t like eye drops!

3. Clear up your sinuses

If you find your sinus is affected by cabin pressure when the plane takes off and lands, then it’s worthwhile investing in FESS Frequent Flyer Saline Nasal Spray which helps to relieve nasal and sinus congestion. With its added moisturisers of Australian tea tree oil and xylitol, it aims to keep your nasal passages clear and wash away any unwanted bacteria and pollutants. By spraying just thirty minutes prior to take-off and landing, your discomfort level can be minimised greatly. 

4. Prepare for jetlag

No one is a fan of jetlag, but it’s a common reality for those flying out of Australia internationally – you’re often bound to have a long haul flight. So when your internal clock becomes out of sync, Dr Gray suggests a few ways to combat jetlag. Always try to get some sleep on the flight if you can, stay hydrated, avoid an excess of alcohol and caffeine (sorry!), and try to move around the cabin as much as possible to increase circulation. 

5. Build up your immune system

The time before you travel can be very stressful trying to organise, plan and put your life on hold while you whisk yourselves away to a romantic retreat. Being in a confined space with others for long periods of time can also mean you’re sharing any illnesses that they may have so it’s essential to maintain a strong immune system. Frequent Flyer Health Boost Tablets contain specific ingredients such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Enchinacea to help your immune system to function well and improve your body’s defence mechanisms while travelling. 

6. Slip, slop, slap!

There is no better feeling then having the warm sun on your skin, but with over 1400 people killed each year by skin cancer, it’s essential to always slip, slop and slap. Banana Boat Ultra 50+ is an advanced sunscreen protection that can be used as a lotion or clear spray. It’s water resistant, sweat resistant and is the best level of protection against harmful rays. You want to come back from your holiday with a sun kissed glow, not sporting a red lobster burn.