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Cuba has seen a surge of interest from holidaymakers in the past year in light of the recent breakthrough in diplomatic relations with the United States. A lot of the information out there, as well as the questions commonly asked about Cuba are often to the tune of the usual tourist traps – but, there’s much more to Cuba than Havana, cigars, rum and salsa.

Ted from Contours Travel shares some tips and facts about Cuba which couples should know before their departure to get the most out of their romantic getaway.

  • Far removed from Cuba’s tourism hotspots, the little sugar mill town of Australia (true story) should not be missed as it is of great historical significance. Fidel Castro set up office in Australia to (successfully) repel the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.
  • In the past Cuba’s cuisine has not held the best reputation on the international stage, but the fact is the food is fabulous, especially when holidaymakers can enjoy fresh lobsters for $10.
  • Cuba’s religion is officially ‘secular’, another legacy of Fidel Castro’s reign. Castro was a renowned Atheist, declaring Cuba an Atheist state banning Christmas and Easter but later changed the status later in his life. President Raul Castro has upheld his brother’s values, denying Pope Benedict’s request to recognise Good Friday.
  • A highly personal accommodation experience, homestays have become a popular option in recent years amongst travellers who want to learn more about Cuban culture, lifestyle and people, or even practise Spanish. It is important however to look for the official house rental license logo outside the house to ensure industry standards are met.
  • Cuba is exploding in the diving community for good reason – the island is surrounded by thousands of kilometres of some of the world’s richest marine life. Couples can explore the region’s caves and caverns, some of which feature ancient pictographs. 
  • There are two currencies in Cuba – the Cuban Peso for locals and the Cuban Convertible Peso for tourists. There are steps being made to unify the currencies but this may take many years.

Couples will discover a range of interesting quirks about culture-rich Cuba on a romantic getaway.

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