The much-anticipated Bawah Reserve opens to public

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Add this super-luxe hideaway to your #LifeGoals list. Now open to the public, Bawah Reserve is a glamorous retreat encompassing six previously uninhabited, forest-clad islands. Home to 13 beaches of white hourglass sand and just 35 standalone suites and over-water bungalows, this romantic hideaway has plenty to fall in love with.

Visit the spa while at Bawah (the treatments are included when you book)

With a focus on sustainability and luxury, Bawah Reserve is situated 300km northeast of Singapore at the southern end of Indonesia’s Anambas Archipelago. Respectfully constructed (no heavy machinery is allowed on the island) and completely hand-built from sustainable bamboo and other recycled materials, this dreamy escape is only accessible via Bawah’s own amphibious seaplane. That’s how you kick off your once-in-a-lifetime island holiday!

Bawah Reserve offers 35 standalone suites and over-water bungalows

One more reason to visit? The all-inclusive Bawah is the only retreat in Asia to include spa treatments in the price of booking and houses a maximum of 70 guests at one time. We’re sold. 

To find out more about Bawah Reserve or to make a booking, visit the resort’s website here.