The HolidayPhone: How to travel without messy roaming bills

In Travel News by The H4C Team

No matter how lovely your holiday is, there will always be one annoying detail left to sort out – the phone.

The options are these:

1. Turn on roaming and expect enormous charges.

2. Don’t take your phone, or keep it turned off for the whole holiday, only to turn it back on when you’ve landed safely at home.

3. Take your phone and buy a new sim for each country you are in. This will usually require you to have your phone ‘unlocked’ prior to travelling.

4. Save up to 99% on roaming costs by using the HolidayPhone.

HolidayPhone is a roaming-free service that you can pick up in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, and 25 other popular holiday destinations. The great part is that there’s no new number to memorise and share with all the people who may need it, it just uses your own Australian mobile number. 

They also offer data SIM options, and for those whose phones are carrier locked, they have available a Mobile WIFI Hotspot device.

For more details on the HolidayPhone – head to their website.

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