The Cook Islands: Heaven on Earth

In Islands & Beaches by The H4C Team

Romantic, bewitching, spectacular… you could fill an entire paragraph with superlatives about these heavenly islands. Largely unspoiled by tourism with no traffic jams or even traffic lights, no high-rise buildings and no over-crowded cities, the Cooks are truly heaven on earth for couples looking for a Robinson Crusoe type experience wrapped in the embrace of five-star luxury.

Scattered over an incredible two million square kilometeres of ocean and situated roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, the islands of the Cooks range from tiny little coral atolls you could step across to small rocky islands with limestone caves and gorgeous white sand islands surrounded by coral lagoons, to the largest one, Rarotonga which is your welcome to paradise – a volcanic, jungle-clad island whose high, craggy mountains plunge straight down into shimmering blue lagoons. Captain Cook was the first European to explore the islands extensively when he arrived in 1773 ergo the naming of the islands after him.

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Fish in the clear waters of Aitutaki Lagoon; photo: Freder/istockphoto

Most of the population of 14,000 live on Rarotonga which has a small main town named Avarua, a few good restaurants, five star luxury resorts and iconic watering place,Trader Jack’s which all tourists will visit at least once! Getting around is easy because you can’t get lost on the one road that circles the island! You can hire a scooter or jeep or else catch the local bus or wait for a friendly local to give you a lift.