The best cities for a weekend getaway in Europe

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Planning a holiday in a European city and fancy a little side trip to another city? Having trouble making a short list? New findings from weekenGo, a travel site specialising in short breaks, might just have the answer. 

With the goal of creating the ultimate index of the best cities in which to spend a weekend, they commissioned a study that looked at more than 1,000 cities worldwide, taking into account everything from the number of tourist attractions and availability of accommodation, to safety, equality, tolerance and even time spent in traffic.

The results are now in and, interestingly, nine of the top 10 cities are in Europe. London came out on top overall, followed by Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg and Paris. New York City was the only non-European city in the top 10, with Sydney flying the flag for Australia at number 18.

The study set out to not only define which factors make a city great for short visits, but also which trips are best suited to different age groups and dynamics. Turns out, Berlin and London are the places that millennials should visit, while baby boomers should pack their bags for Zurich and Vienna.

For the full list, visit the website here.

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