The Asian destination UNESCO says foodies need to visit

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Macao has established itself in the culinary world as a foodie’s heaven and UNESCO has taken note.

Revealing its list of ‘Creative Cities’, UNESCO ranked Macao among the elite for its dedicated to food and the important role it plays in tourism and economic growth. What does that mean for foodie travellers? A delicious destination to discover.

Said to be the world’s earliest form of fusion food, Mecanese cuisine boasts a 400-year old culinary legacy. Showing influences from its colonial past, flavours reflect both its Asian and Portuguese ties, with dishes like Minchi and Portuguese egg tarts served as beloved national delicacies.

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Also making the list of newly designated Creative Cities of Gastronomy is Italy’s Alba, Colombia’s Buenaventura, Bolivia’s Cochabamba, Turkey’s Hatay, Panama’s Panama City, Brazil’s Paraty and the US’s San Antonio.

To find out more, visit the Visit Macao or Macao Tourism websites here.