Switzerland Introduces Highest Whisky Trek in the World

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Whisky lovers rejoice – you can now enjoy the stunning surrounds of Switzerland’s historical Appenzell on a whisky trek 2,502m above sea level, discovering the traditional methods of whisky production.

While Switzerland isn’t renowned for its whisky, the history of whisky production in Appenzell dates back half a century, with its Säntis Malt Whisky winning many international awards due to the special barrels in which it is produced.

According to the Director of Switzerland Tourism Mark Wettstein, the unique story of whisky production in Switzerland, combined with the iconic alpine scenery is an extraordinary experience for any visitor. The trek not only highlights a very well-preserved and traditional side of Switzerland but also shows off the country’s rugged, untouched nature.

While the entire tour is recommended via a hike, most of the mountain inns are also reachable by cable car or car and Appenzell is only only 1.5 hours’ train ride east of Zurich.

Switzerland’s Whisky Trek is sure to be a delight for the couples who enjoy travelling to locations that cast you back in time and give the opportunity to see how the everyday people live their lives.