Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb

In Travel News by The H4C Team

If you’ve always had the fantasy of living like Richie Rich and renting an entire country for a holiday, but lacked the funds to do it, this clever campaign from Sweden is sure to catch your attention.

From the southernmost Smygehuk headland to the wilderness around the Three-Country Cairn in the north, the entire country of Sweden is available for booking thanks to the country’s allemansrätten (freedom to roam) laws and a partnership between Sweden and Airbnb.

The best part is you don’t have to officially book accommodation because all publicly owned land is entirely free and accessible to everyone. Every lake is your infinity pool, every mountaintop your granite terrace, every meadow becomes a garden and every forest a pantry filled with mushrooms and berries. Feel free to take a morning jog or bike across open fields, or trek through challenging mountain terrain.

Freedom to roam allows anyone and everyone to freely enjoy Sweden’s nature with the right to access, walk, cycle or camp on any land. Only private gardens and lands under cultivation are an exception to the rule. The idea of free nature accessible to anyone is in the DNA of every Swede, but with great freedom comes great responsibility. The general rule for spending time in nature is “do not disturb, do not destroy” – just like in any other home.

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