Go Lightly book

Step lightly back into travel with this new handbook

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While the pandemic didn’t quash our wanderlust one iota, it did give us pause to consider how we travel. Time to mull over the impact of our all-Aussie sojourns and international jaunts on the planet we’re so keen to explore — and how we can tweak our habits for the better. Which is why we pounced on Go Lightly, a sustainable travel handbook for a new era of adventuring by Byron Bay-based travel writer and teacher Nina Karnikowski. 

Your new travel companion. Photo: Laurence King Publishing

With advice gleaned from Nina’s own globetrotting adventures (60 countries and counting) and penned as a heartfelt and practical response to climate change, this little gem is packed with inspiring tips for reducing your travel footprint. And the good news? They’re not that hard to do! In her captivating, completely relatable style, the author unpacks the very notion of eco awareness as well as how to choose the least impactful travel methods, help protect wildlife, pack with more consideration, and basically make planet-loving choices each travel day. The ten chapters also look at low-impact experiences (think biking, boating, and camping) and introduce some of the world’s most inspiring eco-adventure pioneers. The whimsical illustrations by Xuan Loc Xuan are an absolute delight, making Go Lightly right at home on the coffee table or stashed in your knapsack. 

Hardcover copies of Go Lightly: how to travel without hurting the planet land 01 April 2021 (RRP$29.99) with pre-order here. Or follow Nina’s latest adventures over at @travelswithnina