Spotlight: Japan’s Wisteria Festival

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Japan might be famous for its too-pretty-for-words Cherry Blossom Festival, but it’s about to become the place to go thanks to a floral festival of a different kind. 

Whimsical and utterly enchanting, the annual Wisteria Festival (April 15 to May 21) will celebrate the sheer beauty of these flowers at the Ashikaga Flower Park, about 90 minutes north of Tokyo. Featuring more than 350 wisteria trees in bloom and an awe-inspiring 80-metre long bloom-filled tunnel, the Festival is sure to take over your Instagram feed this week – but with pictures as gorgeous as these, that’s maybe not such a bad thing.

The 80-metre long wisteria-filled tunnel – sourced via, credit Daphne

Visitors at the Wisteria Festival – sourced via, credit P-Zilla

The Wisteria Festival – sourced via, credit Mamiko Irie

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