South Pacific Island Getaways: Fiji

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It’s a destination that attracts romantics and adventure-lovers year after year… and for good reason. An island paradise with postcard-ready scenery, Fiji has something to offer every couple.

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Have a blast with a Jet Boat and Village Safari on the Sigatoka River

The humidity may be oppressive, but the dude is cool. Leps is his name and he’s the captain aboard Sigatoka River Safari. Sure, you could slap on your swimsuit, schlep on some snorkelling gear and easily glide into the Coral Sea – or, you could leave the Coral Coast behind and head inland to the Sigatoka Valley. Captain Leps, a Fiji national who grew up along the Sigatoka River, takes you on a Jet Boat & Village Safari along this magnificent waterway, which runs for 120km from the mountains to the sea. Yes, you are on a high-speed jet boat and you will get wet, which is a welcome respite from Fiji’s humidity. The boat barely skims the water as you pass by riverside villages where people are bathing, horses are cooling and kids are splashing around in the sunshine.

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The picturesque Sigatoka River

This half-day tour is packed with soft adventure, pausing under the shady canopies of mahogany trees to learn the history of the area. And what a history it is, with both Abel Tasman in 1643 and James Cook in 1774 both attempting – and failing – to set foot on Fiji due to cannibalism. It was Captain William Bligh who is largely credited for discovering the Fijian islands. There are plenty of age-old customs still alive and well around these parts, and on this tour you’ll enter one of the 35 villages along the Sigatoka River and be welcomed by a traditional kava drinking ceremony. Village chiefs will explain the way of life here before you’re taken through the village itself to partake in a feast and traditional Fijian dancing. On the way home, it’s the coolest of rides as your boat captain performs several 360-degree turns on the river, ensuring your tour ends with a splash. 

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There’s also adventure to be found underwater in Fiji

For landlubbers, join Sigatoka River Safari’s Off-Road Cave Safari, also through the Sigatoka Valley. You’ll start this trip in a jet boat to cross the river and then it’s a bouncy off-road, open-top vehicle through charming villages. The drive ends in the jungle at Naihehe where the Sautabu people once ate their enemies – you can even walk through Naihehe Cave where skulls still line the walls. 

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