Solar eclipse to create once-in-a-lifetime experience in the US

In Travel News by The H4C Team

If you’re travelling to the US in the next few days, you might see one of 2017’s most spectacular events: the solar eclipse. Set to cast a lunar shadow across the Earth’s surface and cover parts of the US in darkness on 21 August (US time), the eclipse will allow people to see illuminated stars and planets in the middle of the day.

What makes this celestial event so significant is that it will cross the lower 48 states for the first time in 38 years and will also be the first eclipse to cross from coast to coast in 99 years. Experts say that it will also be the first solar eclipse exclusive to the US since being founded in 1776.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, there’s a number of quirky and incredible events taking place across the nation. In Wyoming (the state pegged to have the best viewing location), a grand eclipse festival will include a line-up of community events, tours and viewings. While in Oregon, a Woodstock-esque music festival (aptly named Moonstock) will be kicked off with a performance of ‘Bark at the Moon’ from Ozzy Osbourne. But when it comes to unique events, it’s hard to beat Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise, featuring a performance of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ from Bonnie Tyler as the moon crosses over the sun. 

To find out more about the total solar eclipse and the best places for viewing, visit NASA’s official eclipse website here