Sojourn Retreats reveals new Queensland eco-luxe resort

In Travel News by The H4C Team

It’s hard to think of anything better than a stay at a glamorous Whitsundays resort, but this new offering from Sojourn Retreats is taking the idyll to the next level. 

With its first guests expected for March, the newly launched Elysian Retreat is set to be Australia’s most sustainable eco-luxe resort. A romantic getaway that’s good for the planet? We’d only be too be happy to do our part. 

Only 20 guests at a time will be able to stay at the eco-luxe hideaway

Situated on postcard-ready Long Island, the family-owned resort will operate totally off-the-grid and run off solar power. Upping the luxury, only 20 guests at a time will be welcome at the all-inclusive Elysian Retreat, promising an intimate escape from the rest of the world. There’ll also be custom organic spa treatments, exclusive aquatic adventures in the Great Barrier Reef and excellent private chef-prepared cuisine on offer. 

Helping to keep its environmental footprint to a minimum, the resort will use only organic and earth-friendly products and amenities. Plus, it will operate with a focus on reducing waste and saving and improving its use of water, power and fuel. Smart stuff!

Elysian Retreat will run off-the-grid, with the help of solar power

To find out more about the impressive new Elysian Retreat or to book, visit the resort’s website here