europe's most romantic restaurants

Snuggle Up in 3 of Europe’s most romantic restaurants

In City Escapes by The H4C Team

Get your butterflies ready to flutter, palms ready to sweat and cheeks ready to blush, because three of the most romantic restaurants in Europe have a table for two with your name on it.

Be it an anniversary celebration, engagement or romantic holiday, these are the kind of dining experiences you usually only ever see in rom-coms – only with fewer cheesy lines and more delicious cheese platters.

Clos Maggiore

London’s Clos Maggiore is widely accepted as the most romantic restaurant in the UK. It has won over hearts – and stomachs – as the ‘most romantic’ (TopTable, Harden’s Guide and Opentable) and ‘sexiest restaurant’ in the UK (The Times).

The cellar has over 2,000 wines from 18 countries, the French cuisine brings a touch of international flair and the blossom-filled conservatory, log fire and candle-lit dining area surround couples in an oasis borne of romance and rapid heartbeats.

Le Jules Verne

In arguably the most romantic tourist attraction in the world, in what is widely-accepted as the most romantic city in the world of the most romantic country in the world, you will find Le Jules Verne tucked atop the Eifel Tower.

The restaurant fuses natural light, breathtaking Parisian views and city lights to create the romantic atmosphere that the French seem to inherit in their genes.

Solo per Due

The name translates to ‘Just for Two’, and it’s no exaggeration.

Solo per Due is the smallest in the world, offering diners just one table in the entire restaurant – a table for two.

Italian cuisine is on offer in this Vacone retreat, which is built on the remains of an old Roman Villa that once belonged to Latin poet Horace. Visitors are offered the chance to write in the libro dei pensieri – the book of thoughts – and add their notes for future couples to read over as they share in this completely unique and indescribably romantic experience.

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