Romance on the High Seas

In Cruise by The H4C Team

When it comes to honeymoons, there are so many options out there for you to choose from. But have you ever considered how cruising on the high seas could make a fantastic honeymoon or romantic getaway for two? There’s nothing like enjoying being in the lap of luxury on a ship as you sail through dazzling blue ocean and flourishing tropical ports.

Here are some details about cruising and how you can make this extremely romantic way of travelling part of your honeymoon. 

Image: SATC; John Montesi

All About Cruising

There are countless cruises to choose from, all around the globe! They come in many different lengths and holiday styles, so you and your sweetheart can choose the romantic cruise that’s best for you. Whether it’s a week-long jaunt through the Caribbean that takes your fancy, or a three-week extravaganza through the South Pacific, you’re utterly spoilt for choice. Some cruise ships can be relatively small, while others tower over everything at port and look like mini-civilisations! 

What can you expect on a cruise? Most often, a cruise will include plenty of luxurious facilities and top-quality service, the perfect kind of environment for a pair of loved-up honeymooners. While cruising offers that touch of romantic indulgence, there are always options to cater to a number of budgets. 

There are all sorts of different rooms to choose from on a cruise ship, from cabins with a small window to those with big balconies and fantastic views. Imagine you and your loved one waking up to a spectacular ocean view, nibbling upon flaky croissants and sipping on your coffee on the balcony… that’s certianly romantic to us! Just what you need on a honeymoon or getaway for two.

Around and about the cruise ship there is plenty to get excited about. Swimming pools, spa facilities, gymnasiums and multiple restaurants are just some of what you can look forward to. Then there are bars, sometimes casino-style facilities and often live performances including musical or theatre shows, singing, dancing and more. Basically, get prepared for a round-the-clock schedule of entertainment and activities.

It is your honeymoon after all, however, so if your romantic holiday style is more about relaxing poolside with a tasty cocktail, that option is available to you too. 

Image: SATC; Adam Bruzzone

Your Destinations

There are plenty of destination options for cruising around the world. Most often, cruises will stop for a day or two in a port and then set sail for the next one. A cruise around Scandinavia, for example, might stop at Copenhagen, Tallinn, St Petersburg and Helsinki. A cruise through the South Pacific islands might have ports of call including Port Vila, Noumea, Santo, Suva and Port Denerau. It’s the best of both worlds – romantic time on the open sea and on land!

When you stop at a port, you have the option of heading out on a shore excursion. Often there will be tours available that you can join, and these will show you some of the main sights. Or you’ll have the option to explore the destination for yourself. But remember, you will need to be back at the ship by the designated time no matter what – otherwise they might leave without you! 

Of course, there is no obligation to do anything once you arrive at a port, so if you prefer to spend most of your time enjoying the ship’s facilities, that’s fine too. Do take at least a little time to soak up the unique charms of each romantic destination, though. You never know when a stunning, golden sand beach or incredible cathedral might be around the corner. 

Are you and your loved one feeling excited about a cruising honeymoon yet? Grab that world map and get to work choosing a romantic  part of the world you’d like to explore by ship. After that, it’s all smooth sailing.