PSA: You can swim with whales in Tahiti during winter

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As if you needed one more reason to visit the islands of Tahiti, the tropical destination is also where you can swim up close with whales during migration season. Tick this off your bucket-list before everyone else.

We’re adding this incredible experience to our bucket-lists

Offering couples the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the majestic creatures in such close proximity, Moorea-based Rodolphe Holler from Tahiti Private Expeditions is one of the world’s only divers qualified to swim closely with whales. With expert knowledge in whale behaviour, the specialist diver takes adventure-seekers on unique whale encounters while the mammals are migrating through the Tahitian islands (between July and November). Three words – do not miss. 

To find out more about Rodolphe Holler’s whale encounters, visit the Tahiti Private Expeditions website here. Or, for more information about escaping to Tahiti, visit the Tahiti Tourisme website here.

Images by Rodolphe Holler