Private islands trending for 2018

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Holidaying on private islands are a new 2018 travel trend, according to Lonely Planet, with travellers scouting unique adventures for an indulgent experience. Here are just some of the islands couples are escaping to in 2018…


The Maldives delivers plenty of tropical island romance. Accessible by speedboat, Fulidhoo is a tranquil paradise that ticks all of the boxes for a private island escape.

Inner Hebrides, Scotland

When you think of islands you may miss a place like Scotland, but there are dozens of dreamy islets are spread across the Scottish Highlands. Here, Torsa Island (off Oban) boasts a farmhouse and a colony of red deer, making it a ruggedly beautiful destination. Just getting to the island is fabulous experience – a waterboat ride offers travellers the chance to spot dolphins and seals. For something truly indulgent, venture to the Isle of Eriska with itsDownton Abbey-esque charm and Michelin-anointed restaurant.

Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

North America’s Great Lakes are peppered with thousands of pine-studded islands. Here you’ll find an array of summer homes on their own little island that can be rented out for a romantic stay. Standout options include Deepwater Island with a cosy cottage perched on crisp granite, and the A-frame options off the coast of Pointe au Baril.

Society Islands, French Polynesia

Turquoise waters and peach-pink sands make French Polynesia a go-to destination for opulent honeymoons. A glamorous option here is Marlon Brando’s untouched island paradise of Tetiaroa, now featuring ultra-luxurious villas with direct outrigger access to a sanctuary of motus (Polynesian mini-isles).

The Brando, Tahiti

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Anchored by the fortress-like Stone Town, the Zanzibar archipelago elegantly flaunts its Islamic roots from the city’s old engraved doors to its small dhows (Arab sailboats) floating in sheltered bays. Private-island accommodation options here (such as the simple suites atChapwani or the refined thatched huts of andBeyond Mnemba Island) blend the destination’s distinct character with unbridled castaway charm.

Ilet Oscar, Martinique

The French Caribbean’s laid-back isle of Martinique has a secret off its eastern shores: Ilet Oscar. It’s home to a wonderful B&B with four breezy rooms sporting lacquered accents and encrusted shells. Rumour has it that the original owner lost the private island paradise in a card game – his loss is our gain.

Chiloé, Chile

Chiloé (located about halfway down Chile’s 4,300-kilometre-long coastline) has welcomed more and more travellers since the inauguration of its local airport in 2012. Today, the archipelago is dotted with barn-shaped churches, flanked by a backdrop of snow-capped volcanic peaks on the mainland – perfect for those seeking an island getaway with a difference.

Trang Province, Thailand

Thailand’s quiet southern province of Trang feels a million miles away from the hulking resorts of Phuket. Great for travellers seeking a most cost-effective alternative to a private island escape, the Trang Islands offer the same gorgeous scenery and chilled atmosphere.