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The Moorings

Italy, Europe

Italy’s waters have been a holiday playground since Roman times, and they remain so today. The stunningly beautiful Emerald Coast of Sardinia, the volcanic isles of the Aeolians, the rich history of Sicily, and the laid-back charm of the Amalfi Coast each offer a unique adventure for a romantic holiday.

An Italy yacht charter blends the best of bareboat cruising: secluded anchorages, bustling resorts, marvellous white-sand beaches, traditional fishing villages, and splendid sailing.

Leisure & Dining
History is ever-present in the cities and towns, the cuisine is sumptuous, and the natural beauty of the coast and islands is exquisite.

Couples Will Love
During the day swimming together in the hidden bays and beaches over the shore and visiting uninhabited islands. At night tasting some gourmet dishes over a candlelight dinner on the deck, and enjoying a nice glass of champagne under the stars.


Romance Package 

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The Moorings Suite - 1503, 275 Alfred St, North Sydney 2060 Australia
Contact No.: 1800 553 720 or NZ 0800 449 891

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Phone: 1800 553 720

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