New site makes planning travel transfers stress-free

In Travel News by The H4C Team

You’ve just hopped off the plane in a romantic destination, feeling excited to see it all, grabbed your bags and you’ve started looking for a cab to the resort… with everyone else in the airport. Sound familiar? Sure to save any frustrating waiting periods, a new service from Australian owned and operated International Rail has just launched. Perfect for couples wanting to move between the airport, hotel, cruise terminal, train station or private address without hassles, International Transfer offers a convenient way to organise it all.

Like a one-stop-shop for booking transfers (in just 60 seconds!), the new website is user-friendly and covers a range of popular destinations. All couples need to do is enter their pick-up and drop-off locations, the time they wish to travel, and the number of people included in the booking. From there, the website shows a selection of reliable travel options, all quoted in Australian dollars. 

Whether you’re looking for water taxis in Venice or deluxe private vehicles from Melbourne Airport, International Transfer has you covered. See you later, planning stress!

To find out more or to use the service, visit the International Transfer website here or call 1300 387 245.