New ‘artist retreat’ experiences at Thailand’s enchanting Cape Kudu

Cape Kudu’s beautiful beachfront beckons…

Nothing stirs our creative spirit quite like a sublime location. The flash of sunlight on rock, a serene expanse of green or the milky blues of a lagoon all foster inner calm while channelling the artist within. And while writer Robert Louis Stevenson was smitten with Samoa and artist Vincent Van Gough inspired by the French countryside, the Thai island of Koh Yai Noi has proved a modern muse for a new generation of creatives.

A pioneering artist retreat has paved the way for a host of cultural experiences at Cape Kudu Hotel — a community-minded, five-star sanctuary of coastal cool. Hotel guests can now create their own retreat, crafting an itinerary of authentic activities as part of a romantic escape. So, if you love to connect with the local culture, or perhaps include conservation in your travels, this one’s for you!

Island hopping is on the menu, including to neighbouring Koh Hong, Krabi — a favourite with couples for its unique geography and limited access

Calling all creatives: Camp Cape Kudu

Hosted on Koh Yai Noi, a sublime hidden haven located between Krabi and Phuket, Camp Cape Kudu attracted a talented group of writers, designers, photographers and chefs including Thailand’s Top Chef winner Chudaree Debhakam. A strong spirit of innovation and cultural discovery set the tone. Think chef feasts created with only island-sourced ingredients, shellfish foraging, fish nursery visits, batik workshops, hornbill conservation, and upcycling initiatives as well as time aside to enjoy everything this elegant five-star getaway has to offer.

Snorkelling the serene waters, enjoying sunset cocktails and moonlit beach barbeques, lolling about in private swimming pools and feasting at Hornbill Restaurant were all part of an immersive and insightful journey.

Look out for the local Hornbill birds and take in shimmering views over Phang Nga Bay at Hornbill Restaurant

You’re invited

The best part? You can now design your own personal Camp Cape Kudu, choosing from a selection of authentic local experiences as part of your stay.

“They are such fun and unique experiences,” says participant Lynn Visudharomn, who cherished the community engagement the camp offered. “This camp allowed us to test out all these activities, create things inspired by the island, much of which will be linked to future programs that give back to the local community.”

Couples will love the coastal elegance of the Pool Villas which feature a private pool and balcony

Located in the shimmering waters of Phang Nga Bay, known for its dramatic limestone karst formations, Cape Kudu Hotel is perfect for couples who want to fly under the radar and experience a true romantic escape.

The hideaway features elegantly appointed villas, private plunge pools, an infinity swimming pool, day spa and a host of local adventures and activities.

We’re ready to retreat.

Between enriching local experiences, treat mind, body and soul to the sublime Cape Spa

The takeaway

Look out for a Cape Kudu-inspired capsule collection by fashion designer Ekbutr Udompol of SON Studio and a T.shirt collection from Tropical Futures also inspired by founder Chris Fussner‘s time at Camp Cape Kudu.

Find out more at Cape Kudu Hotel

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