Must Do - Europe

The scenic Champagne region is well worth a visit

Everyone loves a glass of Champagne or two (or five) on special occasions. Why not start where it all began, with a trip to one of the world's most famous wine regions?

The opulent Palace of Versailles

For the ultimate in decadence and grandeur, few places measure up to the brilliance Palace of Versailles.

The famous Eiffel Tower is an obvious but incredible Paris must-do

There's a reason the Iron Lady attracts more than seven million visitors a year. Towering 324 metres above the streets of Paris, the Eiffel Tower offers a view of the city unlike any other.

As impressive as it sounds, Mount Olympus is an amazing sight

Adventurous couples will find themselves jumping at the chance to climb the famous Mt Olympus.

The world-famous Parthenon in Athens

The architecture of Ancient Greece doesn't get much more iconic than the Parthenon in Athens. Dedicated to the goddess Athena and made entirely from Pentelic marble, the Parthenon took 15 years to complete.


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