LATAM Offers Special Tour for Cocktail Connoisseurs

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Couples can discover more of Peru with LATAM Airlines and embark on a unique pisco sour trail for a sweet way to explore Peru’s renowned cities and striking wonders.

LATAM airlines has partnered with PromPeru to offer discounted return economy airfares to Peru starting from AUD$1,549 including taxes, with the South American airline offering a taste of adventure from the moment you step on board and order LATAM Airlines’ signature pisco sour.

On sale till 31 July, this special fare leaves from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide to all major cities within Peru, including key destinations: Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Loreto and Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu, with no additional costs.

LATAM Airlines knows the best bars to savour the authentic Peruvian favourite, pisco sour, while taking in the country’s hotspots and it’s hard to think of a more ubiquitous city-drink pairing than Lima and the pisco sour; sit back in a luxurious throne for one at Ayahuasca, a reformed 19th century Berninzon mansion until the wee-hours.

Or discover where the wonders of this national drink originate from and head to Arequipa’s museum-bar, Museo del Pisco, for a Pisco 101 complete with a degustation, pisco sour making and – of course – tasting.

Drinking pisco is one of the best ways of getting to know this striking country, but of course there is more to Peru than this grape spirit. Explore Lake Titicaca’s world famous floating islands, just a short boat ride from Puno, and homestay with its colourful residents to experience their living traditions dating back to pre-Columbian times. Or head north to Loreto to explore Peru’s vast and breathtaking Amazon Basin for phenomenal wildlife-spotting, night explorations and an insight into local indigenous communities.

With the release of the sale, there has never been a better excuse to pay homage to Peru’s national cocktail – the coveted pisco sour.

LATAM Airlines recently partnered with Johnny Schuler, the world’s leading expert on Peruvian pisco, to get his insight into what pisco means to Peruvians. Here is what he had to say.

What is pisco and what does it mean to Peruvians?

Pisco is part of our DNA. We celebrate a birth, and mourn a loved one. We sing to it and we write poems to it … it’s in our music and our painting, it’s part of our everything, every day!

How do Peruvians typically celebrate national pisco day

It is a festivity that is celebrated from border to border and from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle. In every bar, restaurant, park, beach and BBQ…we are rendering homage to our national drink! Of course by toasting with it, to love, to friendship, to peace!

How do you drink pisco? Are you a traditional pisco sour fan or do you prefer to add your own twist? What’s your “go to” pisco drink?

I love a well-executed, perfect, Pisco Sour! But where I find joy, pleasure, adventure, intrigue, discovery…even surprise…is when I sip pisco neat!

For people travelling to Peru, what are your insider tips as to where they can go to get themost authentic ‘pisco’ experience? What drinks should they be trying?

Peru is a wonderful and mysterious country. There is beauty everywhere. But for the best pisco experience you must come to the Ica region. Visit an ocean national reserve at Paracas Bay! The bewildering and intriguing Nasca Lines, drawn on the desert floor and only seen from above! The magical Oasis of Huacachina! And then…..some few hundred pisco distilleries! How can you go wrong?