• Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers lavish 'Suite Life' package

    Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers lavish 'Suite Life' package

    Seeking a little la dolce vita? Want to go all-out for your next overseas escape? One of the world's most iconic and beautiful hideaways, Italy's five-star Grand Hotel Tremezzo is offering couples a very special 'Suite Life' package with plenty of fantastic inclusions. It's time to pack your sunhat and channel your inner George and Amal.

  • Cycle through Italy's Prosecco Hills on this new tour

    Cycle through Italy's Prosecco Hills on this new tour

    An exciting journey through picturesque landscapes, visits to charming historic townships and afternoons spent sipping Prosecco – sounds like heaven, no? Inviting couples to enjoy all this and more, Exodus Travels has unveiled its new Cycling the Prosecco Hills tour. Travelling through some of Italy's most beautiful regions, it's one for the romantics and gourmands.

  • Cruise and Discover Timeless Treasures of the Mediterranean

    Cruise and Discover Timeless Treasures of the Mediterranean

    Arguably one of the most relaxing ways to experience the jewels of the Mediterranean, the ultra-luxurious Italian cruise line Silversea is offering a bespoke range of unique and inspiring itineraries from April to November 2016. 

  • 5 Remarkable Locales in Tuscany Where You Can Live La Dolce Vita

    5 Remarkable Locales in Tuscany Where You Can Live La Dolce Vita

    Few destinations in the world are as closely linked with romance as Italy's spellbinding Tuscany region. Beloved for its breathtaking scenery and exquisite food (we'd happily spend our days wine-tasting and pasta-making here!), it offers plenty for couples. Not sure where to even begin? Add these five wonderful locales to the itinerary for a fantastic escape!

  • Enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures in Lipari, Sicily

    Enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures in Lipari, Sicily

    You can smell the Aeolian Islands long before you see them. A sensual odour of thick vegetation and sulphur flows over the waves as you approach. Then, bit-by-bit, steep wild cliffs, deep grottos, and black rocks striped with yellowish tints rise up from the sea.

  • 5 European Palace Gardens to Stumble Upon

    5 European Palace Gardens to Stumble Upon

    Walking around (what seemed like) the suburban back streets of Dresden, Germany, was merely a necessary method to reach our tour bus hop-on spot and provided little in the way of spectacular views apart from the occasional squirrel. That was until we walked down the road a little further, accidentally stumbling upon what turned out to be the Grand Garden of Dresden, complete with hugely impressive parks, a lake and the longest 'driveway' that I had ever seen.

  • Discover New York: East Village to Tribeca

    Discover New York: East Village to Tribeca


    Going on a New York romantic getaway or honeymoon with your sweetheart? Our guide to the trendiest areas in New York – from the East Village to Tribeca – will help make your romantic adventure a breeze.


  • 48 Hours in Florence, Italy

    48 Hours in Florence, Italy

    Florence (or Firenze in Italian) is one of Italy's most beautiful and romantic cities. It's no wonder, then, that this stunning destination is a top spot for honeymoons and getaways for couples.

    If you only have 48 hours to spend with your significant other in this elegant and luxurious city, here are some of things you need to see and do on your short break.

  • Gourmet Italy with Chef Stefano De Pieri

    Gourmet Italy with Chef Stefano De Pieri

    Morning mist floats over vine-covered valleys and the plaintive peal of the country church bell just metres away from our villa heralds the arrival of another dawn in the Tuscan countryside. Some days hot air balloons drift silently by, hovering in the still air like giant jewels suspended in gossamer.

    It's easy to leap out of bed on magical mornings like this when you're on a food and culture tour of Italy. Organised by tour operator Emily Tassone of Avanti Italy, this two-week adventure is hosted by Mildurabased restaurateur Stefano de Pieri and is the first of what is planned as regular forays back to the celebrity chef 's homeland.

  • Hotel Romantico

    Hotel Romantico

    One of Italy's most romantic hotels has announced its seasonal reopening and the unveiling of 30 newly renovated Lake View rooms, boasting breath-taking views of the brilliant blue Lake Como and updated, but still elegant, interiors.

  • Top 5 Romantic Villas in Italy

    Top 5 Romantic Villas in Italy


    Get romantic in Europe and head to Italy and enjoy one of these stunning and romantic villas.

    You can't get much more romantic than a holiday in Italy. It's impossible not to fall in love with this country, which is filled with delectable food and wine, stunning natural sights and history. 

    Click through to see 5 of the most romantic villas, perfect for a honeymoon or couples' getaway.


  • Romantic rendezvous in Venice

    Romantic rendezvous in Venice


    Ah, Venice. This beautiful floating city is certainly one of the world's most romantic destinations, so makes the perfect location for honeymoons and couples' getaways.

    Check out some of the reasons why you and your loved one will simply delight in a trip to this romantic locale, with beautiful canals, sumptuous food and charming cobbled laneways just the beginning.


  • Eat your way around Italy

    Eat your way around Italy

    Italy is one of the most sumptuous destinations for loved-up couples, thanks to its beautiful history, scenery and of course - its food.

    Soak in the romance of this sensual culture, perhaps over a shared bowl of spaghetti bolognese or a delectable dessert of tiramisu.

    As they say, when in Rome…

  • Cruise Away

    Cruise Away

    Looking for a great European holiday idea? When you live in the southern hemisphere, the seductive cities of Europe are always a long-haul flight away. Little wonder then that antipodeans want to see and do as much as possible when they set foot on European soil. Tanya Joslin discovers that cruising through Europe is a convenient, stress-free way to see the most of this incredible continent.

  • Milan City Escape

    Milan City Escape


    Matthew Brace discovers a grown-up kind of cool as he shops, sips, and sightsees his way around one of Europe’s most stylish cities.

    Before 6pm on a Thursday in May, my wife and I spied the ideal spot for a restorative drop. The window table of a small and cosy winebar called L’Ecurie on Via Madonnina was beckoning us. We sprinted across the street, almost got bowled over by a remarkably speedy tram, and fell in through the open door. The barman brought us two large glasses of Barolo and encouraged us to tuck into the plates of free antipasti freshly laid out on the bar. We ate divine Parma ham and thick, juicy Ligurian olives and watched the city heading home from work. We saw runway models clip-clopping down the pavement head-to-toe in Prada and smoking determinedly, young guns in open shirts and leather jackets, and a pair of Italian lovers kissing furiously as if that was their last minute on earth. We felt that familiar life-giving glow as the wine slipped down. We forgot the aches in our calves and ankles caused by hours of street-pounding and instead we raised our glasses and toasted our new favourite European capital of cool: Milan. Milan is not the ideal Italian city to visit when you are young, single and fun-seeking; that’s Rimini, or the Riviera if you have the cash. Milan is - much like a fine Barolo - something you come to a little later.


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