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Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa

As a holiday destination the Philippines has so much to offer travellers, - not only the high energy capital of Manila, but the dreamy islands which are perfect for a laid back, luxurious holiday. With a flight time of roughly eight hours, you’ll arrive without the jet lag, and the resorts in our top five list are no more than a couple of hours from Manila.

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Tahiti With the mythical peaks of Bora Bora as the backdrop, the show quickly moves into full swing. From yellow to orange, pink, red, blue, purple - and various outrageous hues in between – the multi-coloured palette moves through the sky and glassy ocean. It’s not surprising that Tahiti attracted the attention of artists like Paul Gauguin. fIn addition to France’s greatest Post-Impressionist painter, many other artists, explorers and writers made the arduous journey to French Polynesia, sometimes spending months at sea to answer its alluring call.

Most couples dream of spending their honeymoon or anniversary in a dreamy bungalow, overlooking waters of such aquamarine clarity that sea life can be spotted from the hammock on your porch.

Luckily, these iconic, thatch roof-style bungalows exist in some of the most beautiful islands in the world. In both the Maldives and Tahiti, you can put your snorkel gear on and jump right off your porch.

Though many of these spots are a bit of a splurge, they're absolutely perfect for couples planning a celebratory holiday, and staying in one of these luxury villas will be an unforgettable experience.

Follow the sun to Fiji!

The swaying palms, warm welcome and laid back charms of Fiji have long held a special place in the heart of Australians. In fact, our love affair with this blessed group of isles is so strong that many Australians head back there each year to marry. And at under four hours flying time from Brisbane, why wouldn’t you!

Kisik Restaurant - Ayana Resort Bali

Matthew Brace relives romantic moments on this island paradise ...

The magical island of Bali is deeply romantic at all times of the day but there’s a special warm glow at dusk when sandalwood, frangipani and romance are in the air. Villagers kneel in front of stone statues of their gods and lay offerings of flowers, small bits of food and incense sticks on the ground. The statues are often draped in black and white cloth which symbolises the coexistence of good and evil which the Balinese believe is essential for a balanced life.


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