Published: 27 November 2013 by: Rhonda Bannister

Image: Hawaii Tourism Authority

If ancient mythology is true and the gods did make the islands of Hawaii then they saved their best work for Kauai, known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world – and for good reason.

This is Mother Nature’s art gallery. The colours of the awesome Waimea canyon, with its deep valleys and steep, rugged peaks are awash with a rainbow of pink, red, orange and green and the undulating Na Pali coast with its green and brown, vertical cliffs rising out of the blue ocean to a height of almost 1200 metres are the most extraordinary natural skyscrapers you will ever see. Both are best see from the birds-eye view of a helicopter - surely one of the most stunning rides in the world.

The verdant interior is breathtaking in its magnificence and after a good rain over 7,000 waterfalls plunge down the vertiginous a point of interest, Mt Wai’ale’ale, the second highest point on the island, is the wettest spot in the world so there’s never less than 1,000 flowing waterfalls at any given time. Kauai is truly stunning!


Why you’ll love it:
nature lovers adore this island as they can hike, mountaineer, snorkel and scuba dive to their heart’s content. it’s also a haven for beach-bunnies with over 40 secluded beaches and coves scattered around the island.

Best suits the couple who:
like their holiday laid back. life on kauai goes on at a much slower pace than oahu - no shopping malls, just tiny towns some of which still have old fashioned milk bars with juke boxes straight out of the 50s.

Most romantic thing to do:
take a sunset stroll along the golden sands of hanalei Bay and see if you can see Puff the magic dragon frolicking in the ocean waves!

Climate for the islands: could be the best in the world with summer lasting from may to october and what is supposed to be winter filling the other months. shorts,t-shirts and sandals are de rigueur year round. rain is not really a consideration but of course like everywhere, it does rain and skies can be overcast - but not for long.

Image: Shutterstock


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