Published: 27 January 2017 by: Emily Russ

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2. Visit Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) – Lanai 

With a name like Sweetheart Rock, this natural landmark is sure to give you both romantic vibes. 

The rock (also known as Puu Pehe) is a picture-perfect spot, surrounded by brilliant shades of blue. The story of the rock is sweet but tragic: according to Hawaiian legend, a young warrior named Makakehau was so taken by the beauty of a princess named Pehe that whenever he laid eyes upon her he would become misty-eyed. After tying the knot with Pehe, taking his new wife to Lanai and hiding her in a sea cave, Makakehau was gathering supplies when a storm brewed and drowned Pehe. Wailing to the gods to help him climb the steep rock island, the warrior buried his wife and jumped from the summit to his death.

Okay, so it's not exactly the happiest of endings, but Puu Pehe is blessed with spectacular views and is the perfect picnic spot.


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