Submerged five metres below the icy waters at Lindesnes, Under is Europe’s first underwater restaurant. Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Introducing the world’s greatest places, 2019

In Travel News by The H4C Team

A ready-made bucket list for the avid traveller, we devoured TIME magazine’s new World’s Greatest 100 Places 2019 list. Chosen from an expansive panel of editors and travel experts, the honoured destinations are chosen for their quality, innovation and sustainability among other attributes.

Australia made the cut in the form of Discovery Rottnest Island (those quokkas, so cute!) and the NT’s glorious Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, with locally-minded BARN by Biota in NSW named in the ‘Eat & Drink’ category. We also spied another of our 2019 faves, southern Norway’s dramatic Under restaurant. An architectural marvel both above and below water (the restaurant is submerged five metres below sea level) Under’s creative menu-with-a-view is now hot on our radar. Deeply romantic.

Get inspired by the full list here or dive into Under here