Introducing the Sydney chef with the magazine with the Macanese recipes

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Born in New Delhi and with an extensive family background in Goa, another Portuguese colony, Desmond grew up with cultural and culinary influences very similar to those in Macau.

He inherited the passion for cooking from his great grandfather, who had been a chef himself, serving on the Merchant Navy sailing the spice routes to Macau. 

Familiar with the Macanese fusion cuisine, Desmond has significantly influenced this month’s menu at the Sheraton on the Park’s Feast restaurant with some Macanese favourites.

The colourful dishes – from traditional recipes – are presented as part of the award-winning buffet during the Macau Food Festival from October 4-20, 2013.

The tasty luncheon and dinner event will be a forerunner to the annual Macau Festival to be held at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, on the October 19-20 weekend.

Those dishes feature over the first half of the Macau Food Festival at Sydney’s Sheraton on the Park are: 

Caldo Verde Portuguese potato based soup with kale, chourico and topped with Portuguese olive oil. 
Portuguese Baked Rice with Duck Succulent baked rice with duck and bacon and topped with chourico and olives. 
Galinha A Portuguesa Macanese Style Portuguese Chicken. Baked pieces of tender chicken with potatoes, turmeric and coconut milk. 
Macanese Curry Prawns Traditional local spicy prawn curry with coconut and coriander. 
Serradura A tasty traditional Macanese pudding, consisting of rich whipped cream and biscuit crumbs. 
Macanese Almond Biscuits Traditional local almond delicacies with a hint of cinnamon 

Dishes presented over the second half are:

Lacassa Soup Traditional Macanese clear shrimp broth with vermicelli noodles and flavoured with shrimp paste and spring onions. 
African Chicken Macau style Special dish which was the result of borrowing ideas from both the African and Indian traditions of using spices. The chicken is first seasoned with a piquant sauce made with garlic and capsicum together with Cola, a Portuguese spice and then baked in the oven. 
Bacalhau Gomes de Sa A casserole of bacalhau (cod), potatoes, eggs, olives, olive oil and onion, a specialty from the northern Portugal city of Porto, adopted in Macau and recognised as one of Portugal’s greatest bacalhau recipes. 
Macau Prawns Fried prawns in chilli garlic paste, adapted by the Macanese. 
Minchi A genuine Macanese dish based on minced or ground meat, flavoured with molasses and soy sauce, served with a fried egg on top and potato. 
Serradura A tasty traditional Macanese pudding, consisting of rich whipped cream and biscuit crumbs. 
Macau Egg Tart Mix of original Portuguese tart with classic English touches. The pastry is similar to the Portuguese version, yet the egg filling not as sweet.

Lunch: from noon until 2.30pm – $75 per guest (Mon-Sat), $85 per guest (Sun).

Dinner: from 6pm to 10.30pm – $85 per guests (Sun-Thurs), $99 per guest (Fri and Sat).

Reservations: (02) 9286 6000.

Prepared by: Mike Smith, Public relations Manager of the Macau Government Tourist Office (Australia), phone (02) 9264 1488 or email