InsideJapan Tours launches exciting new cruise add-ons

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Two things hot on the travel radar right now? Cruising and Japan. Combining the two, InsideJapan Tours has announced a selection of new add-on self-guided itineraries for their 2019 cruises. 

Sure to help couples discover the wonders of this spectacular destination, the new offerings include a slew of fantastic experiences. A wonderful option for those wanting to mix relaxation with excitement, the five-day Oceans to Onsens add-on includes a special journey from neon-lit Tokyo to the hot spring baths of Hakone. If you’re seeking an unforgettable cultural experience, explore the majestic Japanese Alps with the Ports to Peaks add-on or temple-hop with the Tides to Temples add-on. We’ll take them all, thanks!

Spot Mt Fuji with the group’s Ports to Peak add-on

InsideJapan Tours Marketing Manager Harry Sargant says the new offerings take a Japan cruise to the next level. “Aussies are taking more and more cruises to and around Japan, but as it’s a mountainous country, many of the best sights and hidden gems are tucked up in the mountains,” says Sargant. “With a self-guided add-on from InsideJapan, we’ll give travellers the support and assistance they need to get around Japan independently before or after their cruise.” 

To find out more about InsideJapan Tour’s new add-on itineraries or to book, visit the group’s website here