How to honeymoon in Macau

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Macau, an administrative region of China, offers everything honeymooners could want and more. When it comes to luxury honeymoon accommodation in Asia, Macau has the top of the bunch, which of course is high on the list of priorities for newlyweds! To get to this idyllic destination, all you have to do is catch a high-speed ferry from Hong Kong and voila! You are in a veritable paradise.

And what are some of the delights within your reach?

In addition to your luxury accommodation, you can also enjoy high-end shopping, gourmet dining, extravagant casinos, a vibrant nightlife and a healthy dose of natural beauty just down the road. It’s no wonder this destination is sometimes referred to as Asia’s very own Las Vegas.

Senado Square

Soak in the streets

Get your glad rags on and have a wander of old Macau town at Senado Square, a world heritage site.

The region was once a Portuguese colony and this is nowhere more obvious than in the square that retains beautiful pastel-coloured, neo-colonial buildings from this era.

Wander these cobbled streets hand-in-hand during the evening, when they light up and come to life.

You can also explore romantic ruins together, such as that of the of the Old City Walls, or visit breathtaking churches and temples together.

Couples who enjoy including cultural pursuits in their holiday time will love all the museums peppered throughout the region, dedicated to everything from art to the creatures of the ocean.

Shopping street in Macau

Shopping, wining and dining

Those in search of high quality garments and wares won’t have to look very far. All around Macau, several malls and boutique stores offer the best of every item you could imagine for a his and her shopping date.

From jewellery to wine, haute couture to art and literature, you will be able to find a gem – or three – to take home with you as a token of your honeymoon.

Try the Shoppes at Four Seasons, Macau’s first luxury mall, which houses more than 160 designer brands.

Or, head to the Boulevard at the aptly named City of Dreams, which is always up-to-date with the latest luxury tends, beauty products, fashion and accessories.

Be sure to enjoy the sumptuous eateries dotted throughout the area. Dine on Chinese or international cuisine like French and Indian fare, but be sure to try some genuine Macanese cuisine, too.

Macanese food combines Portuguese and Chinese flavours, while drawing inspiration from Europe, Africa and South East Asia, too. Baking, grilling and roasting are common cooking methods and you’ll often notice the tantalising aromas of turmeric, cinnamon and coconut milk. Share a plate of Macanese chilli shrimps or try the African chicken.

Try your hand at golf in Macau.

Let Macau entertain you

If you and your loved one aren’t inclined to spend the day lying languid by the pool, Macau has a huge selection of entertainment.

Traditional opera shows, theatre, light and sound extravaganzas, ballet and dance are just a few of your options.

Then there are the adventurous options, like water sports, gold, hiking or even bungy jumping off the Macau Tower.

Or, indulge in a couples’ spa treatment before a night out playing poker, blackjack or betting on horses at a luxury casino. You might even want to savour a cocktail on a Macau Harbour cruise or at one of the bars along the cosmopolitan Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

Honeymoons in Macau offer all of this and more. Surrender to its luxuries and charms with your lover and your time there will be unforgettable.

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