Travelling with a partner can be incredibly romantic but also a challenge

They say if you really want to get to know someone in their truest form travel with them… or leave them alone with a device with painfully slow internet. We'll be the first to say that travelling with a loved one can be as romantic an experience you can get (read: our name, our stories, our everything) but often it can be a bit of a challenge. Want to still be on speaking terms after you get back? Take a look at these five go-to tips…

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Whether it's the snow-sprinkled mountains of Japan, the iconic streets of Havana or the sandy beaches of Portugal, there's literally a world of fantastic options for honeymoons in 2017. To make your wedding planning just that little bit easier we've tracked down the 17 best places to honeymoon next year.

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

Looking for a honeymoon spot that specialises in romantic getaways and honeymoons? Have you considered the intriguing and beguiling Indonesian island of Bali? Bali has always been a popular holiday destination for honeymooners and couples planning a wedding or romantic getaway and there's a reason why!

It's a place that offers it all, from parties and cosmopolitan dining to cultural experiences and some of Asia's best shopping. Add to this already heady mix some the most exclusive and indulgent luxury hotels, resorts and villas  - which Bali has in spades! - and you just may have found honeymoon heaven.

Looking for Bali Honeymoon Packages? Check out this fantastic section where some of the most amazing couples' resorts and hotels offer incredible travel deals!

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While there are probably 8,000 reasons for honeymoons to take place in France rather than just eight, there are some justifications that simply earn their place at the top of the list.

Here are just a few of France's romantic features that make honeymooning in this European nation a dream. Check out these reasons and say 'au revoir' to to your hometown and 'bonjour' to France.

Swim with your sweetheart in the clear waters of Fiji as the sun sets; photo: Tourism Fiji

Holidays for Couples has spent two decades scouring the earth for the ultimate romantic destinations, so we’ve got a pretty good idea what makes for a great honeymoon. Island getaways certainly rank highly on most wish lists – so we’ve compiled a list of 18 of the most extraordinary islands just perfect for the most romantic holiday of your life.


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