Holy guacamole! This museum is set to be a smash hit

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Smashed… sliced… on its own… covered in crumbled feta – however you like your avocado, there’s no denying that the millennial-favourite fruit (is it a fruit?) has taken over the internet. The humble avocado is sure to flood your feeds even more – as if that’s possible – when it gets its own pop-up museum in the USA this year. And yes, it’s promising to be a smash hit. 

Opening in sunny San Diego, THE CADO will celebrate everything that’s so incredibly fabulous about the avocado. Spread out over 16 styled-to-the-max shipping containers, the museum is set to feature a ‘Ripe Room’ with walls designed to match the textural qualities of a perfectly ripe avocado, plus audio lectures educating visitors on how avocados are grown and exported. Of course, THE CADO’s real drawcard is expected to be its gift shop, selling eclectic avocado-inspired merchandise. We’re sold.

Sourced via www.facebook.com/TheCADO.co/

The pop-up museum’s doors won’t open till June 16 but tickets are already on sale. To claim yours or to find out more,  visit THE CADO website here.