• Luxury Greek hideaway celebrates Australia's 'yes' result with unique travel package

    Luxury Greek hideaway celebrates Australia's 'yes' result with unique travel package

    The results of the recent marriage equality survey has spurred on so much positivity and love around the world, and one Greek resort is embracing the news in its own unique way. Inspired by the survey, luxury Mykonos hideaway Villa Hurmuses is celebrating by offering a special “Celebrate Australia 2017 Yes” package.

  • A Greek Odyssey: Three Greek Islands You'll Love

    A Greek Odyssey: Three Greek Islands You'll Love

    With its shimmering blue waters and iconic landscapes it's no wonder why Santorini is such a tourist hot-spot, but not far away are three of Greece's lesser-known islands that are truly worth discovering. Go on a Greek odyssey and explore these little island gems for a holiday that's impossible to forget.

  • 5 Honeymoon Islands in Greece

    5 Honeymoon Islands in Greece

    With glorious golden-sand beaches, warm waters, delicious food and a never-ending supply of sunshine, Greece has everything you could dream of for a couple’s retreat. Here are five of the best Greek Islands to visit on your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

  • Sensational Santorini

    Sensational Santorini

    No superlatives sufficiently grasp Santorini’s uniqueness. Its startling, mystifying and surreal landscape draws scores of neck-bent visitors who sail into its glittering caldera every year. Lava-encrusted cliffs dramatically explode upwards; a timeless natural sculpture caused by repeated volcanic explosions. Indeed, this once round
    island has been ravaged by several igneous eruptions, most recently in 1956 when over 2000 homes tumbled into the Aegean. But it was the cataclysmic event of 1650 BC that shattered Santorini so ferociously, disgorging billions of tons of magma from the island’s heart up into the skies. The awesomely scarred face of the remaining crescent, red beaches, cobalt caldera and offshore islets remain frozen in time.

  • Eclectic Crete

    Eclectic Crete

    Crete is about as eclectic as an island can get. The largest Greek island at 8,300 square kilometres, and the most southerly land in Europe, it is a refreshing contradiction from the rest. Of a morning, couples might find themselves harbour-side at a bougainvillea-draped café watching fishermen disentangle their nets, by lunchtime listening to traditional Lyra music from a mountain village kafenia, by mid-afternoon, wading through the aquamarine waters of Elafonisi as the summer heat bakes time to a halt, and by night, shaking it with the rest of them down in hedonistic Hersonissos.

  • Magical Mykonos

    Magical Mykonos

    Arriving in cosmopolitan Mykonos by ferry is mayhem. The bow doors swing down and within minutes you pour out, Mary Poppins style, alongside refrigerated lorries, bleating lambs, overladen donkeys, crates of mineral water and petrol tankers along with a juggernaut full of the latest quads and mopeds. But there’s good reason for this exhilarating influx.

  • Discover Spiritual Amorgos in the Greek Islands

    Discover Spiritual Amorgos in the Greek Islands

    The clank of crockery carries through Katapola Bay as locals and stray cats awake. Fishermen dock and deliver their catch before the first ferry, carrying the culture-hungry, arrives. Unassuming, yet coyly handsome, Amorgos is the traditional Greek Island, embracing history, culture and arresting architecture.

  • Old World Elegance in Hydra, Greece

    Old World Elegance in Hydra, Greece

    No airport, no beaches, no cars and no motorbikes; welcome to Hydra ... and its donkeys.

  • Top 5 spiritual journeys

    Top 5 spiritual journeys


    Have you ever wanted to get in touch with your inner 'Eat, Pray, Love' guru and embark upon a romantic spiritual journey somewhere around the globe?

    There's no time like the present to get to it. Here are five of the best spiritual journeys for couples to take. 

    Image: Flickr

  • 72 hours in Athens

    72 hours in Athens

    When it comes to the romantic holiday of a lifetime, the Greek Islands are at the top of most people’s lists! But, after a three-day visit to Athens, Tanya Joslin says that no trip to Greece is complete without at least a few days in Athens. Here she maps out an easy three-day itinerary.


    Check into one of the city’s funkiest hotels, New Hotel ( A member of Design Hotels, this boutique destination is the first interior that Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana have completed, in collaboration with Architecture graduates from the local University of Thessaly.
 Housed in a 1950s building, New Hotel’s design philosophy strikes the perfect balance of daring and harmonious. Local artists created much of the bespoke furniture from recycled materials. One of the quirkiest aspects of the hotel is the wall-mounted characters, which symbolise elements of Greek mythology and superstition, in the 79 guest-rooms.

  • Cocktails, coffees, cruises and caves in sensuous Santorini

    Cocktails, coffees, cruises and caves in sensuous Santorini

    Arriving in Santorini by boat, a bewitching panorama of powder-dusted cornices between sea and sky, veiled in romance and escapism, slowly reveals itself. Clusters of sugarcoated cave houses almost tumble down the lava-encrusted cliffs to greet you.


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