Get lost in space (kind of) at this new luxury hotel

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Earth has some pretty cool destinations (just check out our entire site if you need inspiration), but apparently the next big thing for amazing hotel locations is… space. Yes, as in the final frontier. That space. A first for humankind, a luxury hotel in space is set to welcome guests for an ‘authentic astronaut experience’ when it opens in 2022. 

A project from Houston-based space technology startup Orion Span, Aurora Station will be equipped to host six people (four guests and two crew members) for 12 days. Expected to be the size of a large private jet’s cabin, the unique hotel will invite guests to live the astronaut life (as you do) and float in zero-gravity, grow their own food while in orbit, and to chat with loved ones back home with high-speed wifi. And you’ll definitely want to show off your incredible travels – you’ll be treated to 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises during a stay at Aurora Station. 

Aurora Station Interior – courtesy of Orion Span

Unsurprisingly, a romantic getaway at this spectacular hotel will cost you an astronomical (get it?) amount. If you have a spare USD$9.5 million in your pocket, go ahead and make a booking. Otherwise you can reserve your spot with a fully refundable USD$80,000 deposit. 

To find out more about this luxury hotel or to make a booking, visit the Aurora Station website here.