Get Lost in Langkawi – Chloe Bassett discovers there is much to see and do in this Malaysian wonderland

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Pristine beaches, jungle clad hills, dramatic cliffs, rich culture and friendly locals create the holiday gem that is Langkawi. One of Malaysia’s most visited corners, this beach haven has everything you seek in a romantic holiday destination.

Langkawi is made up of 99 islands, providing couples with a treasure trove of exciting holiday opportunities including scuba diving and jungle trekking for the adrenaline junkies or a deck chair on the beach and sunset walks for couples craving a relaxing recluse from everyday life. This tourism hub is centred within the main island of Pulau Langkawi while the smaller islands allow couples a more intimate rendezvous. A plethora of spices, rice, noodles and seafood will release your inner, local foodie. Langkawi provides an abundance of unspoilt landscape allowing the rare opportunity to completely lose yourself amongst the natural scenery.  With this picturesque paradise, home grown cuisine delights and luxurious accommodation you won’t want to leave Langkawi. 

Here, we’ll give you the lowdown on our top five Langkawi loves …


1. Must See Attractions

Geoforest Mangrove Tour

If you’re the type of traveller who insists on visiting the top tourist locations within your holiday destination, Langkawi is home to an array of interesting sights and attractions, proving a visual feast for the eyes. Our absolute number one pick is the Langkawi Sky Bridge*. Located 700 metres above sea level, couples are able to take the Langkawi Skycab up to the Sky Bridge to enjoy the second highest peak on the island. Langkawi is famous for its duty free shopping, so you can’t go past the Langkawi Duty Free, best found in Kuah, where you will discover rows of stores offering perfumes, alcohol, luxury brands and handicraft at the lowest prices of tax-free goods. If you’re in desperate need of a foodie fix, look no further than the Food Trail. Langkawi provides an assortment of food stalls found within the night markets held every evening. With a wide range of rice, soup, seafood and desserts, your senses will be in overload. For a breathtaking view, try the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. What could be more romantic than sneaking a quick dip with your partner in this natural beauty?  

2. For the Nature Lovers

Couple under Tree

Langkawi is well known for its fun activities and is filled with untouched nature, ready to be explored and adored. This holiday hotspot boasts a variety of scenery, including habitats housing species native to the island. Couples will love to stroll around the island in search of the 200 types of birds that call Langkawi home. The early morning or evening is perfect for spotting, as the birds are most active around these times. For the health conscious couple, cycling around the countryside and along the water front may better suit your idea of exploring the island. A majority of hotels offer bicycles and operators provide tours to find tracks only accessible by bike.

Cave Tour

The Kilim Karst Geoforest Park Mangrove is a great location for variety of diverse activities including exploring the reserve on foot to reveal a bat-filled cave, or by boat to learn about the ecology, medicinal plants and migratory birds. For a truly romantic experience, you can’t go past butterfly watching. Like a scene out of a movie, couples can spend the day in search for the 500 beautiful butterflies hidden throughout the Langkawi landscape. 

3. Adrenaline Junkies

Canopy Adventure

If butterfly watching isn’t quite your style, Langkawi is also the destination for couples in need of that adrenaline rush! Trekking, abseiling and zip-lining through the rainforest is just one of the incredibly fun and adventurous activities you can participate in. Several tours and operators offer tourists the opportunity to be daring and take part in one of these experiences.Try your hand at river rafting; it will give you the chance to take in the amazing wildlife and natural landscape Malaysia offers. Langkawi is well-known for it’s water sports and activities including jet-skiing and snorkelling. Scuba diving will offer couples the rare opportunity to come face to face with the incredible underwater species. 

4. Accommodation Guide

Langkawi accommodation varies far and wide due to its huge popularity as a romantic holiday destination. Langkawi will spoil you for choice when it comes to picking the perfect accommodation for your and your partner.  We’ll give you our top three picks for romantic accommodation..

1. Bon Ton Resort

Bon Ton Resort

Boasting eight individually styled villas located on a coconut plantation, the Bon Ton Resort fronts onto a beautiful lotus lagoon. The traditionally designed stilted Malay cottages creates a romantic, rustic atmosphere, offering couples an exclusive escape, while the serene location of lush greenery and exotic palm trees will make you feel you’re on a deserted island. For couples looking to break away from the conventional hotel accommodation, the Bon Ton Resort is perfect for you.

2. Casa Del Mar

With a breach front location that screams tropical tranquility and a wealth of dining options all found within the Casa del Mar, on the doorstep of Langkawi, this hotel is hard to beat. Offering couples a selection of luxury, sea view accommodation to relax in following a long day of lazing in the beautiful timber deck chairs overlooking the elegant pool and downing a few delicious cocktails at the resort’s La Sal Cocktail Bar. The hotel also provides guests with bike hire as a fun way to explore the island. With its beach front location and fully fledged hotel amenities, Casa del Mar offers couples a private and peaceful holiday retreat. 

3. The Danna, Langkawi

The Danna Hotel

The five-star Danna hotel invites guests to their concept of luxury in Langkawi. Located on Telaga Harbour, west of Langkawi, the Danna is within close proximity of high-end restaurants, bistros and art stores. The resort decor has been inspired by the Colonial era further adding to their philosophy of luxury and elegance and allowing guests to be transported back to another time. The Danna is more than happy to cater to your every travel whim, providing facilities such as the Wine & Cigar room, games library and reading room and an experience planner to ensure you enjoy all Langkawi has to offer. 

5. Cultural Events

Water Sports

Throughout the calendar year, Langkawi celebrates a variety of traditional holidays, festivals and competitions providing a fantastic opportunity to experience the culture firsthand and get involved in the fun. If you happen to be visiting Langkawi in one of these months, be sure to witness these festive activities. November through to February is considered squid season and the Langkawi locals take full advantage of this. The Langkawi Squid Championship, or locally known as ‘Suluh Sotong’ is held in February of every year. The event has grown to be internationally recognised as anglers and fisherman from all over come to attempt squid fishing. Catches are judged with cash prizes awarded to the individuals with the heaviest and longest squid in a variety of categories, so come along and check out some of the catches. Last year the heaviest squid was recorded at whopping 13.4 kilograms!

In celebration of the Malaysian local delicacy, Laksa the Langkawi International Laksa Carnival (LILAC) is held over a three day period in May, annually. The carnival includes competitions such as the Laksa Eating Competition offering cash prizes for winners. If you’re seeking a touch of sporting excitement on your vacation, look no further than this event. The Tour De Langkawi is held annually in March over 10 days in 10 stages. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the sporting culture, meet some locals and experience an internationally renowned event. April provides an exciting month for tourists as the Langkawi International Water Festival, promoting international tourism, is held all over the island.

Water Sports

Activities include island to island kayak races, fishing competitions, an underwater treasure hunt, building sand castles, beach volleyball competitions and more. While these activities take place all around the island, most of the actions take place at Telaga Harbour Park. July brings a bounty of food festivals including the Rambutan Trail, where the the fruit Rambutan is celebrated with several eating competitions and amazing fruit carving demonstrations. The Langkawi Food & Fruit Fiesta is a nation wide festival where locals and visitors are able to taste and buy variety of local delicacies as well as fruits that are grown locally in the island.          

The mouth-watering cuisine, unique scenery, luxury accommodation and abundance of cultural experiences invite you to visit Langkawi. This hidden holiday gem is the perfect romantic getaway for couples to relax and enjoy. Trust us when we say, you’ll love Langkawi.  

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* Editors note: at the time of writing, the Sky Bridge was currently closed for maintenance. We advise you check online prior to visiting.