Free Books and Beer on Swiss Trains

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Free books and beer – what more could you ask for? In Switzerland, this is now the reality for passengers travelling on the Swiss Travel System. 

These new perks add to the Swiss Travel System’s growing list of offers – free access to over 490 museums across the country, 50% discounts on most mountain railways, and free travel for those under 16 – and are special treats for those travelling on the Bernina Express and Quöllfrisch Express. 

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Travelling in first class on the Bernina Express grants you access to the onboard library, where travellers can read information about the Bernina Line and the endless hiking trails in the region. Borrowing is free of charge and books are myriad languages, so you can find the tome in your tongue and read to your heart’s content. 

Meanwhile, for four Sundays in September this year, travellers aboard the Quöllfrisch Express will be offered a free beer or shandy during the scenic rail journey. The beverages are courtesy of local Appenzell brewery, Locher Brewery.

Director of Switzerland Tourism ANZ, Mark Wettstein, says the new additions are designed to add a spot of happiness to their travellers’ itineraries. “We have no doubt that free beer and access to useful books are offers that travellers will appreciate and enjoy,” he says. “Travellers are often interested in the route and the many places it passes, so this will help interested passengers better understand and appreciate the route. And with the free beer, I’m sure many people won’t refuse that offer!”

The routes wander through Switzerland’s most scenic locations, from snow-capped alpine wonders to palm tree paradises, all on the one journey. For the intrepid Swiss traveller, this luxury journey – and added bonuses – will make this romantic holiday one to put on the agenda.

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