Fraser Island: the quintessential honeymoon destination

In Honeymoons by The H4C Team

The stuff of dreams, World Heritage Listed Fraser Island has a rich history and biodiversity to match. One of the few places on Earth where rainforests flourish in the sand, the verdant forest is home to a vast array of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish.

From the time you step off the ferry (which runs daily from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay) and start your drive along the beach on the world’s largest sand island, you may not believe your eyes.

The island has no sealed roads, so unless newlyweds book a tour, a four wheel drive vehicle will be a necessary investment. The Aboriginal people called Fraser Island “K’gari”, meaning paradise, and it’s no secret why.

On a walk along 75 mile beach, newlyweds can stroll hand-in-hand and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of churning aquamarine waves. Scenic flights leave from the beach, and give couples a bird’s eye view of this incredible island.

Cool off in the nearby Champagne Pools – naturally created pools of volcanic rock – and then hop over to Indian Head and see if you can spot sharks in the surf! Go sailing or book a tour and you’ll likely see dugong, turtles and dolphins.

Planning a couple’s vacation to Fraser Island between August and October? Keep a look out for the migrating humpback whales splashing on the horizon!

Varied wildlife frequent the clear, fast-flowing Eli Creek, including some of the island’s 354 species of birds. There are also wallabies, possums, turtles, flying foxes and echidnas.

A visit to the Maheno Shipwreck – the most famous Fraser Island wreck – gives couples a taste of the region’s history. A trans-Tasman liner, the Maheno was the unfortunate victim of a cyclone in 1935. Located right on the beach, you can walk around the dilapidated ship and get a sense of its past grandeur. 

Feeling adventurous? Head over to Great Sandy National Park and admire the enormous sand dunes and glorious 800,000-year-old rainforest. For couples keen on tramping, consider the 90 km Fraser Island Great Walk. There are a great many shorter walks to take advantage of as well!

You and your loved one can also enjoy an afternoon stroll on the boardwalk along Wanggoolba Creek, with wondrously clear waters flowing through the verdant forest to Central Station, an old forestry township.

There are over 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island! But don’t miss Lake Boemingen, allegedly the largest “perched lake” in the world. Fun fact: perched lakes are made up entirely of rainwater! Amazingly enough, no groundwater or streams feed the lake.

Incredibly, Fraser Island has a couple perched lakes, and the stunning Lake McKenzie is certainly worth a visit. The deliciously soft white sand around the lake is a perfect place for a refreshing swim, a picnic and perhaps a nap. You are on a romantic getaway, after all.

Lake Wabby, bordered by a giant sand dune, is a beautiful sight and one of the few lakes that support several kinds of fish. Seeing the sunrise over The Cathedrals, red, brown, yellow and orange coloured sand cliffs sculpted by the wind, may be one of the most unforgettable moments of your honeymoon. 

Nestled ideally on this awe-inspiring island, Kingfisher Bay Resort offers couples the chance to wake up to the sweet sounds of birds and frogs greeting the sun. From the comfort of your private native-timber deck, you and your honey can sip your streaming tea or coffee and take in the water view.

Newlyweds can also opt for a little more luxury and book a spa room, a lovely option after a long day of exploring this historic island.