Four breathtaking views for couples

In Adventure & Discovery by The H4C Team

There’s nothing like looking out at an awe-inspiring view, with your loved one snuggled by your side.

Luckily for loved-up couples around the globe, there are no shortage of wondrous sights on this beautiful Earth.

Here are some of the ten best views on the planet, perfect for making memories for you and your partner.

Namche, Nepal

If you and your loved one bond over a healthy dose of adventure, then head to the Himalayas for the hike of your life.

Once you arrive at the mountain-side village of Lukla, it’s a couple of day’s’ trek to Namche Bazaar. Climb to the top of this town up the hill – but be warned, it’s an arduous walk! Luckily, you’ll be well rewarded with the view of red and blue terraced houses and shops, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and green hills and valleys.

It’s also extremely quiet. At night, you’re likely to only hear the sound of wind and yak bells jingling in the breeze. Look into the night sky and gaze at the thick blanket of stars hand-in-hand and you’re sure to see the world – and each other – in a new, beautiful way.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

The bold, bright sunrise and sunset, endless skies and vast plains are just some of the romantic sights you’ll be treated to in the Serengeti.

Watch trees stretch to the sky as giraffes, lions and zebras dot the landscape, which varies from rich green to dusty and drought-stricken.

Watch buffalo drink at the nearest pool and witness majestic elephants take stride.

For the most romantic experience, make sure you’re there with your partner to see a sunrise or sunset. Due to the vast, open landscape and sky this is no normal dawn or dusk – it’s an absolutely incredible and moving sight, ideal to share with the one you love.

The Grand Canyon

This iconic vista is certainly unmissable, with its dusty-orange, rocky outcrops offering plenty of opportunity for couples seeking solitude amongst nature.

After all, there are over 405,000 hectares to explore. Head to the Southern Rim to witness the famous dramatic panoramas, then make your way to the North Rim to escape the masses, spend quality time together and see more beautiful views – without the crowds.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourselves completely alone with only an eagle flying overhead, with the sound of its swooping wings carried by the wind.

Great Barrier Reef

Even weekend getaways in Australia can treat you to spectacular views. You don’t have to travel far to see tropical Queensland and set sail out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Miles of crystal clear blue water stretches out in front of you, with plenty of nearby islands offering vast stretches of white sand and palm trees galore.

Many of these beaches are deserted, so you and your other half can enjoy relaxing in each other’s company, sharing the beautiful view and feeling as though you are the last two left in the world.

Lounge in the warm shallows or bask on the shore as you gaze out at the horizon, wishing the moment would last forever.

Of course, these are just four of the many spectacular views around the world you can share with your loved one. Other honourable mentions include the New York and Parisian skylines, the Matterhorn in Switzerland and the vast sands of the Sahara desert.

Perhaps you could make a list of must-see views with your partner and have fun ticking each one off as you travel together? Even if you are not venturing far, making a top ten list of views to see from your own city can be an extremely rewarding bonding activity.