Published: 17 December 2013 by: Nikki Ernst

Enjoy a romantic evening at a rooftop bar (image:Aer Lounge, Mumbai)

Rooftop bars offer their own brand of romance. There's nothing quite like sitting atop a tall building, looking out over a city or special landscape and sipping on your favourite drink with your loved one next to you. All while watching the sunset or bright city lights,  as your favourite song is playing in the background. Sounds nice doesn't it?

Rooftop bars can indeed offer sensational, romantic experiences and if you're in one of the following areas, you should absolutely experience these places with your partner.

Here are some great rooftop bars from around the world to keep an eye out for - they will make a perfect start to your collection of memories.

Aer Lounge, Mumbai

You'll find this rooftop bar in bustling Mumbai, India, atop the Four Season's Hotel.

The view is spectacular, with the sea and sky in absolute abundance in every direction. It's 34 floors high, so nothing obscures the view and you can sit and watch the world tick by around you, drink in hand.

The bar itself is also spectacular with its ultra-modern design, so be sure to experience it if you're ever in the city.

Ioannis, Athens

Fancy a trip to Greece? You will soon, after hearing about the Ioannis rooftop bar. Located in a spot with incredible views of landmarks such as the Acropolis, Hadrian's Arch, the Old Observatory and more, this is a stylish establishment you won't want to miss.

Head here with your loved one, relax and cool off with your favourite beverage and look out at the sights and stars around you - it's pretty surreal.

Radio Rooftop Bar, London

There's nothing like seeing London from above, so head to the Radio Rooftop Bar for an incredibly special experience.

Ten floors high, you'll have gorgeous views of the Tower Bridge, Saint Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and many other significant landmarks.

This bar is also incredibly exclusive, so if you're looking to share in a sophisticated experience then be sure to stop by. Table reservations can only be made up to one month in advance, with certain hours requiring a minimum spend.

Walk-in service is available but depends on capacity - and remember to dress up nicely!

Once you find your way in, enjoy delectable cocktails and a selection of  flavoursome tapas.

Aya Lounge, New York

Ava Lounge also offers a sophisticated and exclusive experience, one that you'll never forget.

Find your way to this rooftop bar and  enjoy views that stretch from Times Square to the Hudson River. Be here to watch day turn to night as the sun sets and New York really comes alive with its twinkling lights and blinking neon.

The feel and decor of this bar is self-described as elegant and chic, drawing inspiration from Riviera, Rome and South Beach - you know you're in for a treat.

Relax, escape the bustling streets and take a few moments to marvel at this unreal city scape together.

Remember, take a picture as a memento of each rooftop bar experience you share with your loved one throughout your travels. Every time you go to a new city, see what you can find to add to the collection! Once you've experienced your first hand-in-hand sunset from such great heights, you'll be hooked.






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