Follow the films through Europe by rail

In Travel News by The H4C Team

European cities and countries that have made it to the big screens make a huge impact on the way we travel, with rail being a popular way to recreate these experiences.

Rail Europe reveals Spain, Austria and Switzerland enjoyed 15, 20 and a whopping 80% increase respectively when compared to last year, and part of this increase is thanks to film tourism.

Austria provided a number of spectacular filming locations for Spectre, the 24th series of the long running Bond Franchise, while Switzerland was featured in the true story of British ski-jumper Eddie Edwards, Eddie the Eagle and the critically acclaimed UK mini series of The Night Manager.

Then there was the filming of the fifth and sixth season of American fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones, which took place in the southern region of Andalucía and Navarra in northern Spain. Part of the latest Bourne Franchise, Jason Bourne, was also filmed in Spain, specifically in Barcelona.

There is no doubt that the correlation between film and tourism is a strong one and we think this trend is worth being a part of and here are two good reasons for it.

 New places to visit off the beaten track

Often, film tourism helps to put lesser-known destinations on the radar, while also reminding us, movie-going travellers, of major urban hubs. So if you think about a film that’s inspired you to visit a new place, then why not add it to you your itinerary the next time you visit Europe. As you know, the European rail network is extremely wide, highly efficient, convenient and importantly for many of us, cost effective.

Some of the places you may like to consider in Europe:

  • Wicklow in Ireland (P.S. I Love You) – only a 57mins by train from Dublin, the Wicklow Mountains National Park is the lush, rugged and romantic location where characters Holly and Gerry first met.
  • Navarra in Spain (Game of Thrones Season 6) – a 3:49hr train ride from Barcelona, not many people had heard of Navarra, let alone the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, where character Daenerys marched with her followers. While this isn’t a romantic scene, the landscape is breathtaking!
  • Seefeld in Tirol, Austria (Eddie the Eagle) – Just 2:22hr by train from Munich or 3:08hr from Salzburg, Seefeld was once an old farming town which turned into a popular resort in the picturesque Innsbruck region. You’re best visiting in winter when the village is snowcapped and fireplaces offer a cosy spot to cuddle up with some mulled wine or hot chocolate.

New characters to play, new memories to make

While we love some good old selfies to add to the memories (and memory cards), we think being in character and recreating some of your favourite moments can be equally fun and memorable as well. It’s all about being in the moment! Carpe Diem! Let’s be honest here, have you not at some point struck the “I’m Flying” Titanic pose? Tacky? Sure! Fun? We definitely think so! Memorable? Very likely!

So here’s to adding more movie moments to your memory albums while you travel around Europe. Take advantage of discounted rail passes and tickets with Rail Europe when booking in advance.