Fly to China to celebrate 20 years of marriage

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China’s magnificent attractions make it a perfect place to celebrate a milestone with your loved one.

Consider celebrating 20 years with the love of your life by visiting one of the most ancient civilisations. With a recorded history of nearly 5,000 years, China’s home to a rich cultural heritage and astounding geography.

Here are a couple of these destinations to feature on your anniversary itinerary:

Great Wall of China

Under construction from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD, the Great Wall extends for more than 20,000km. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic spot is the only human-made place in the world that’s visible from the moon. In addition to its cultural significance, a walk along the wall provides breathtaking views of the countryside.

Yalong Bay

You and your partner may want to celebrate 20 years with some sunshine and a beautiful beach. With dazzling vistas of aquamarine waters and lush rolling hills, Yalong Bay, located in Hainan Province, can provide just that.

Silk Road

This ancient international trade route is worth a visit not only for its historical influence, but also for theincredible sights it offers along the way, including ancient cities, caves, vast sand dunes, lakes and bazaars.

Mount Wuyi

Located in the Fujian province, Mount Wuyi is renowned for its exceptional biodiversity and home to numerous ancient species native to China. Witnessing the undisturbed natural beauty of the area – including gorges, rivers, temples and monasteries – will be an unforgettable experience.

Yangtze River

The longest river in Asia and third largest in the world, the astonishing Yangtze originates high in the Kunlun Mountains. Couples can choose from many companies offering cruises of varying length on the river, with many including countless onboard activities.

Hongcun Ancient Village

A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Anhui province, the Hongcun Ancient Villages offer visitors a chance to experience the China of yesteryear. With a history dating back more than 900 years, the site includes 124 ancient residences and three ancestral halls. The absolutely wondrous scenery will captivate couples, giving them the China they’ve always dreamed of.