Fly first class for your honeymoon

In Adventure & Discovery by The H4C Team

Have you ever pampered yourself and booked a first-class ticket for a holiday? The flight to your honeymoon destination is the perfect time to splash out and indulge in the luxuries of those coveted seats at the front of the plane.

There are no cramped legs in first class, where each seat has 25-76 cm more space and the seat is approximately 2.5-5 cm wider as well. Everyone’s been stuck with a seat that has a broken lever and absolutely won’t recline. With electric controls in first class, “seat envy” won’t be a problem. Laptop power ports mean that all your devices are fully charged when you arrive, too.

Each seat has its own flat-screen monitor, so for couples who were far too busy during the weeks leading up to the wedding to catch a movie, it’s time to relax and enjoy some in-flight entertainment.

Cabin staff are more attentive to first-class passengers and available to answer questions or quickly fix any difficulties that arise. You will also receive sumptuous meals crafted by professional chefs, and a well-rounded wine list featuring expertly paired, crisp fruity whites and full-bodied reds. First class offers a lot more privacy, so newlyweds will love the chance to sneak in a kiss or two without feeling self-conscious. 

Most first-class flights feature a fully reclinable seat that transforms nicely into a comfortable bed and guarantees a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to the scratchy, worn blankets of economy class and snuggle in with plush pillows and duvets. Well-stocked amenity kits provide everything from basic toiletries to slippers and pyjamas.

Especially with international flights, you’ll be better rested when you arrive. With no jet-lag to hold you back, you and your loved one will be able to commence your holiday immediately. 

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination with a first-class flight.