Find Your Couple Style in Bali: Travel Purists

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No matter what your travel style, Bali has something for every couple. From lavish villas and yoga retreats to nature treks and perfect waves, you can find what you are looking for on this tropical island getaway. Here’s the fourth in our series of finding your Bali couple style: the travel purists.

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Couple style: Travel Purists

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One item you’d take to a desert island (besides each other!): Journal

Travel bag: Waterproof duffel bag

Can’t leave home without: Mosquito net

Your Bali: Homestay in the countryside

Smiling children in a Balinese village

If your idea of travel is meeting the locals and immersing yourself in their lifestyle, this is your chance. What better way to experience traditional day-to-day Balinese life than staying in a traditional village with a local family, who will share with you their customs, cuisine and way of life?

Ngis village is one of the many villages that create holiday memories destined to last. A homestay experience gets underneath your skin, taking you to the very heart of the country – and away from cultivated tourist attractions.

Living with your host family in simple accommodation will give you a bird’s-eye view of the warm and welcoming nature that the Balinese are known for. Home-cooked meals are created using customary techniques and local ingredients. The strong sense of community will find you welcomed by friendly locals and curious children.

Days can be spent hiking or riding your bikes through rice fields, learning about indigenous plants – like coconut and raw chocolate – and their medicinal and culinary uses. You can observe farmers tapping palm trees for palm sugar or craftsmen creating traditional handicrafts. Or, you can just sit together in a rice paddy and watch the sunset.

Local temples are more religious sites than tourist attractions, so your visit can be as serene and spiritual as you’d like it to be. Your host might take you to the local market to taste local foods and tropical fruit that you may have been afraid to try on your own.

This real Bali is an experience to savour together.

Balinese masks on display at remote Tenganan Village