The new Reefsleep Suites will create an unparalleled underwater experience 
Photo: Cruise Whitsundays

Fancy a Great Barrier Reef sleepover?

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Here’s one for your Christmas wish list. Imagine-floor-to-ceiling views of the Great Barrier Reef’s spectacular underwater seascape — all from the comfort of your bed! Opening this summer, Australia’s first underwater accommodation, Reefsuites, will offer an aquatic adventure that’s tailored for two.

First, a scenic cruise through the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands to the outer reef. Then, checking in to your private underwater room (only two available) before a magical dining experience beneath the stars. Finally, falling asleep beneath the ocean blue and waking to the captivating beauty of the reef.

Created by the team at Cruise Whitsunday’s Heart Pontoon in The Whitsundays, the experience includes all meals and beverages and reef activities, including a private guided snorkelling tour and semi-submarine tour.Priced from $749 per person. 

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