Falling in love with New York city

In City Escapes by The H4C Team

New York is one of the world’s most iconic cities, full of hustle and bustle, but in all the daily chaos and madness, it is in fact a city of extreme romance. From its sumptuous luxury accommodation and eateries to its amazing vistas, it’s a city for falling in love, and a city to fall in love with. 

You probably know about some of the dreamy activities on offer, such as a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, or gazing hand-in-hand over the cityscape from the top of the Empire State Building. 

Here are some extra experiences you can add to your romantic bucket list for the city, that are lesser-known, but just as memorable.

Head to a rooftop bar

Looking over the twinkling lights of the city with your favourite drink in your hand, and your partner next to you, can be an incredibly wonderful experience. Luckily for you, New York has a plethora of fantastic rooftop bars to choose from.

Try the Ava Lounge, the Delancey, Gallow Green or Berry Park. Keep in mind you’ll often have to be well-presented to score entry into one of these top spots, not to mention you might need to turn up early. Once you’re in, however, it will be well worth it. Wind down with New York’s enduring classic Manhattan cocktail and take in the stunning view. The bonus of these rooftop bars is that they have a great vibe, too, so you’re likely to want to stay all night. For other great options, see our Eat & Drink section.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Found in the hip borough of Brooklyn, these gardens provide the perfect place for a romantic stroll or picnic. 

Within the complex, there are plenty of stunning gardens to choose from. There’s the Bluebell Wood, the Japanese Garden, the Bonsai Museum, the Tropical Pavilion, the Cherry Esplanade – we could go on! 

Pick your favourite variety of plant life and head to its associated garden, or set aside a whole afternoon to amble through as many as you can. 

Beyond simply walking around and taking in the natural beauty, there’s plenty more to do. If you’re interested in gardening or sustainable practice, why not bond together at one of the workshops on offer? 

Keep an eye on the schedule of events, too, as special tours, festivals and other activities are held here regularly. Also check out our See & Do section here.

Hudson River Park

Skip the crowds of Central Park and head to the Hudson River Park instead. Stroll the pathways, pick a gorgeous spot for a snack or partake in some of the activities on offer. After all, there are 550 acres for you to enjoy. 

You can’t go past the water-based activities here, however. Why not kayak into the sunset together for an adventure to remember? Or, create some entertaining memories with a paddleboarding lesson – just be ready to fall off and get wet! 

You could also try sailing, boat building or simply cruising down the river with a drink in hand. 

Couples who love sports will also have a ball here. Baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, bowling, rock climbing and tennis are just some of the physical activities here, so get ready to sweat it out. There are even some incredibly special things to do, such as ride on the carousel, play mini golf or go bowling. Basically, the Hudson River Park is one giant amusement facility – so set aside plenty of time to spend here and make the most of it! 

Art lovers will also cherish the abundance of sculptures, statues and memorials peppered throughout the grounds.

Are you feeling the New York fever yet?  Whether you’re thinking about honeymoons or simply a whirlwind romantic getaway, New York’s got everything you could want and more.