Explore romantic Macau in 2015

In Travel News by The H4C Team

We’ve always loved Macau as a romantic destination for couples on their honeymoon or getaway for two, but we’re not the only ones. Lonely Planet has listed Macau as one of the top 10 regions in the world to explore in 2015 – and who can blame them?

Ranking alongside romantic heavyweights like Milan and Vienna, Macau receives plenty of praise for its glamorous, historical charm, as well as its fusion of cultures from around the globe. With its Portuguese heritage and unique blend of European, African, Indian and Chinese elements, there’s plenty to see! There’s plenty to taste, too – Macanese cuisine is the perfect addition to a romantic night out for couples.

Although Macau certainly pulls the tourists thanks to its internationally renowned casino culture, it was the romantic ‘life-changing experiences’ that cinched it for the guide book giant – Macau has a smorgasbord of entertainment that’s simply unparalleled, and perfect for couples on a romantic escape. We think Megan Eaves, LP writer who’s singing the country’s praises, says it best:

“Where else in the world can you make an incense offering at an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple in the morning, take the world’s highest bungee jump in the afternoon, have a Michelin-starred meal in the evening topped off with a bottle of Portuguese vino, don your finest for a glitzy show and then pull up a plastic stool for some Chinese street food as a midnight snack?”

It’s no secret that Macau is the perfect destination for couples wanting some well-deserved indulgence on their honeymoon or romantic getaway. And with a brand-new light rail system between the peninsula and islands, luxe hotels putting down roots, and a bundle of new casinos in the works (each of them more opulent than the last), 2015 will certainly be the year to explore romantic Macau with your sweetheart.

Check out the full list online, and see what Macau has to offer here.